Jelly Defense Android App

If you can’t get enough of tower defense games, there are still quite a lot of Android game apps to choose from. But it all depends if such game apps are worth spending time playing or not. But if you are looking for new tower defense game to try out, the Jelly Defense Android game app will offer you a unique challenge to try out.

Jelly Defense game app for Android devices is a unique and fun tower defense game that not only id fun to play, but also has unique and quirky characters that make it interesting and visually entertaining graphics that further add into the experience. Just like most tower defense games, Jelly Defense also needs players to defend a certain area of the map against invaders.

Players make use of different defense towers with different capabilities to keep the invaders at bay. These towers need to be strategically placed in the map so that the invaders to not reach the protected area as much as possible. Different levels and advances lead to some different towers to use for defense. But all in all, Jelly Defense gives tower defense game enthusiasts something new to play with. Jelly Defense is available at Google Play for a US$ 3 download.
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