Heavy Rabbit Seat

Even stools can look different if given a makeover. A simple stool would look elegant if it is not only given a radical look but also some toughened engineering functionality as well. Just look at this Heavy Rabbit Seat from Bongo Designs and you’ll instantly grasp what we are talking about.

A seat is not just any seat if it looks like a work of art. This Heavy Rabbit Seat from Bongo Designs truly imbibes that feel. The design firm may have called it a rabbit for its close resemblance to the animal with its pointy legs looking like inverted rabbit ears. But that point notwithstanding, the Heavy Rabbit is designed with a structure that makes it quite tough and strong. It is also designed in such a way that the legs provide some ample storage space for books and other reading materials, giving it an added function as well. The Heavy Rabbit Seat is available at Bongo Designs and does not come cheap at 415 Euros or around US$ 505.

Image Source: Bongo Designs
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