The Motion Lamp

A desk lamp is a handy light source for those who like to work even until the wee hours of the morning. Having an adjustable light source would make tasks more convenient since light can be directed where it is needed. But the usual desk lamps may have its limits when it comes to making those subtle adjustments in order to get the light to strike just right. Some people need not bother with such intricacies with the Motion Lamp.

The Motion Lamp is a unique and beautiful concept for a desk lamp that takes advantage of having a flexible body. The majority of the surface of this lamp consists of its light source. It is made out of an OLED embedded into a free form silicone, making the light source flexible enough to twist and turn. Its flexible feature makes it also a fun device to play with along with providing some added light source when needed. The Motion Lamp is designed by Gergo Kassai and can be checked out at Yanko Design.

Image Source: Yanko Design
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