Animi Causa Cake Divider

When it comes to desserts like cakes, people would most likely vote to have equal shares of it. Cutting them differently would only result in some ill feeling and anger. So in order to avoid those, it may be good to invest in something like this unique Cake Divider from Animi Causa.

The Animi Causa Cake Divider makes it easier for people to cut the cake into equal sizes. This small yo-yo like contraption can be placed in the middle of a cake that acts as a marker. It also has markings that can be adjusted to cut a cake into 6,8,10 or 14 equal slices without the need for further measurement. The Animi Causa Cake Divider will do the dividing while all you need to do is cut the cake perfectly by following the knife guide. This unique yet simple kitchen device is available at Animi Causa for US$ 14.

Image Source: Animi Causa
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