Innocube DLP Pico Projector for Kids

The recently concluded CES 2013 has brought out some innovative and interesting devices. There were some that catered to general consumers while there are also other devices introduced that cater to special uses. One probably interesting introduction involves one from Texas Instruments called the Innocube DLP Pico Projector.

The colorful Innocube DLP Pico Projector may be called a unique projector in that it is primarily designed for kid’s use. The Innocube features a colorful a rugged rubber outer casing to protect the pico projector from the occasional bumps and drops typical of how kids handle devices. What it also does is provide a means for kids to watch a favorite video or movie wirelessly streamed from an Android smartphone or through a WiFi network. The pico projector can easily be set up to display on walls and even ceilings.

The Innocube DLP pico projector is an interesting device for the kids, further re3view may be necessary since actual specs of the device have not yet been provided. But the company has already planned the availability of the device to be sometime early this year. It is also expected to cost around US$ 300.

Image Source: Verge
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